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Learning designers at Insight are expert at getting to the core of your company’s learning needs. Sometimes companies think they need training on one concept or process, but their actual needs might be different. Our learning designers ask the questions that uncover the real needs of your audience, that can help you drive the change you need.

Learning designers at Insight are well-versed in all types of learning design and delivery modalities, but we specialize in problem-based learning. We believe that a learner needs to actually practice the skills they need to learn; they need to solve the problems they will face in the real world. Why is a problem-based learning approach important? It provides a learning environment that is a safe place to make mistakes and to learn from them, without any real-world consequences. Learning from mistakes can be one of the most effective retention methods, when used appropriately.

Finally, our learning designers design for any type of delivery: eLearning and microlearning (synchronous or asynchronous), instructor-led training (ILT), and virtual instructor-led training (VILT). We understand that the needs of the learner can be met while at the same time meeting the needs and budgets of our clients.

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